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Allahuakbar Alhamdulillah Subhanallah Astaghfirullah


Hi Assalamualaikum. This is our first concert of IBI at Alpha College of Technology. Firstly, we're divided into three group in class one and I'd been in group two which called red two. Then, we're given a task to introduce our group with choral speaking style. Heee ! There's a mentor in our group who's Wan Nur Izyan Nabila. We called her as Kak Izyan. She's one of the senior at that college. She guided us to make a presentation for our first concert eventhough she's busy as a bee.

We'd given a theme which is exuberant. Exuberant mean high-spirit, energetic and fun. We also need to create an unique group name based on the theme. Eylaaa, one of our group members had given a brilliant idea for our group name which is Plexcimic. PL stand for playful. EXCI stand for excitement and MIC stand for dynamic.

During our presentation, we need to explain about our logo, icon, group name and group members. Finally, we've got 2nd runner up for prize. Alhamdulillah ! Dzulloqman Hakim who's from Johor Bahru, Johor had became a winner for the best life motto competition among our group members. Congrats ! Khairunnisa or as known as K is our leader for this group. Aidaa is a cheerful girl. She always make me laugh and smile. Actually our father has a same field of occupation. She has a chubby cute white face :P Eyla who is my partner because she is beside me during this presentation. Next, Iffah. She's from Changlun, Kedah. Her accent of Kedah is really concentrate. Haha ! Broken english. She's one of my close friend there because we'd same class and group for concert one.

Then, Fareez. He's from Kelantan. When he'd introduced himself in front of audience during our group presentation, we'll say "Hok aloh" when he said about his hometown where is from Pasir Mas, Kelantan. Fareez is left-handed, same as me. Actually, he have a creative mind. He created our icon and logo creatively. He told me that in Kelantan, they've called apple as topoh which is same like arabic, tuffah and until now, I'm still remembering it. Besides, there's Ain which is a girl from Perak. She also take 11 subjects for SPM examination included Arabic language like me. She has a brilliant idea and poured it into Plexcimic. Thanks Ain ! She made tagline and text of our choral speaking with K :)

And the last but not least, is Piaaa piaaa oooooooo pia pia ! Her full name is Sofea binti Marzuki. Short but meaningful maybe for her parent. Pia also is one of the closest friend that I ever have had during IBI. Actually, there's a story behind it. We're going to 'Masjid Putih' for perform our prayer; Asar, Maghrib, Isyak together. And also at last two night before IBI finish, we'd go to Aeon, Seremban 2 to watch cinema. We chose Home movie but there's no rezeqi for us to watch tht because of some problem. Then, e're going back and have a meal at mamak which is not far from the mall. After that, we're visiting Seremban by walking around go to from mamak restaurant, we went to traffic light > mydin > and mc donald until 2 am o'clock. Eventhough its quietly tired, but its memorable. We can tighten our relationship even at the last minute. I'm grateful because have known a solehah friend like her, alhamdulillah.