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Allahuakbar Alhamdulillah Subhanallah Astaghfirullah

MYEXPI : Muzium Seni Islam Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Assalamualaikum wbt. Harini, pada Rabu 21102015, jam 1421 hrs, Izzati nak share pasal Muzium Seni Islam Malaysia. Pergi time bulan tujuh haritu kot sebelum bulan puasa. Gi ngan roommate. Tak jauh pun dari CFS. Naik bus dari U ke Pasar Seni. Mula-mula tu sesat jugak. Tp, try to make experience. Bcs experience is our best teacher. Learn from experience. Heehe. Guna GPS jugak actually nak cri tempat ni. Haha ! Maklumlah. Malam sebelum pergi ni, search kt TripAdvisor. Dah smpai ke Pasar Seni tu, kitorang jalan kaki je nak ke sini. Nasib baik de pakcik bus sorang tu baik hati nk tolong kitorang dgn bg direction serba sedikit. Landmark muzium ni, Masjid Negara and bangunan JAWI. Dari Pasar Seni - Lintas Jalan dengan kenderaan sibuk lalu lintas - Masjid Negara - bangunan JAWI - naik bukit - lalu tepi studio ALHIJRAH - turun bukit - and sampai. Hehe. Penat jugak nak smpai ke situ kalau jala kaki. Takpe2, berdikari sikit !

 Ni gambar time kat depan masjid negara

 Bangunan KTM, ala-ala Istanbul gitu. Haha !

Lepas bayar yuran masuk, guna kad pelajar dpt diskaun dlm RM8 jgklaa lepas diskaun.
Pastu org tu bg kami guidance sikit. 

 Opsss terkejut! Haha. Mula innocent dikejutkan dgn trumpet. 

Maksud dia, asal usul Islam melalui China mcm kedatangan Islam dari China laaa. 

Kubah Muzium ni.

 First floor of the museum.

Info sikit pasal Muzium ni, Izzati amik dari web ni.

The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is one of the world’s newest museums. As such, it is invested with vigour and a strong sense of purpose. There are few institutions in Asia committed to giving this level of exposure to different Islamic cultures. The IAMM is in a constant state of renewal: the collection keeps growing and our displays try to keep pace with this expansion. The look of the galleries has been changing and will no doubt continue to do so, until we have achieved what seems unachievable – a setting that truly does justice to some of mankind’s finest and most diverse works of art. The galleries are provided with information panels in three languages: English, Malay and Arabic. These highlight the different themes of the collection as well as providing the historical and geographical background. The building has become a landmark within Kuala Lumpur since the museum was opened in 1999. In addition to its unique structure, the setting is very unusual for an urban museum. Few are surrounded by so much nature. Natural light is another feature that the IAMM is blessed with. As most Islamic artefacts were originally intended to be viewed by this means, the space is bathed in more daylight than most museums. The work of the IAMM has already been recognized by leading arbiters of global art commitment. In 2003, the museum received the IRCICA Award for patronage in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Promotion of Scholarship. This is an honour that has been shared by only a a select number of institutions, including the Sakip Sabanci Museum, one of the Turkey’s most important repositories of art. In the same year, the IAMM also received the Montblanc Arts and Patronage Award. This was the first time that the award had been bestowed on a recipient in southeast Asia.