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Allahuakbar Alhamdulillah Subhanallah Astaghfirullah

Nice lessons for all muslims

Assalamualaikum, this is the sharing by : Mohammed Faris,
Founder & Chief Productivity.

I hope you're well and had a chance to watch the webinar yesterday on the lessons of Barakah from Hajj (only 5 hours left before the free recording is removed and will be part of ProductiveMuslimAcademy in-sha-Allah)

I wanted to share with you today, the most productive routine you could follow on the Day of Arafah, making the most of the day: Spiritually & Socially inshaAllah (I’m assuming tomorrow - Sunday - is not a working day for you). I’ve embedded the links to all the resources you need below as well to help you implement this routine.

Here we go. Bismillah:


Wake up at least 1-hour before fajr, pray at least 2 rak'ah tahajjud and/or Witr prayer asking Allah SWT to bless you with the energy, focus, and time to make the most of this blessed day.

Don't check your phone when you first wake up! Disconnect just for this 1-day (at least in the early hours).

Have your suhoor meal: eat healthy lean proteins and food with low GI that would give you sustained energy throughout the day. Drink lots of water (avoid tea/coffee as these might dehydrate you).

Shower so you'll feel fresh for Fajr and make Istighfar until the Athan of Fajr and get ready to go to the masjid.


Pray the 2 rak'aah Sunnah of Fajr in your home, before heading to the masjid.

Mention the dua when leaving the house and the dua for heading to the masjid.

Whilst driving/walking to the Masjid start the dua of the Day of Arafah.

Arrive early in the masjid - pray the 2 rak'aah tahiyyatul masjid.

Make dua between the Athan and Iqama asking Allah sincerely to help you make the most of this day.

Pray the Fajr in Jamaa'a in the masjid.

Do the remembrance after Salaah and stay in your place of prayer till sunrise remembering Allah using the morning Athkar and reciting Quran.

Pray 2 rak'aahs after sunrise to get the reward for Hajj and Umrah. If you can stay longer in the masjid - do stay longer, for the angels keep praying for you as long as you're in the musalla and didn't lose your wudhu.


Head home, don’t forget the dua for entering the home.

Start your early morning routine, taking care of your family needs if needed, and keep reciting the dua of the day of Arafat abundantly.

Recite a long Surah at home (ideally Surat Al-Baqarah to remove Shaytaan from your home) and encourage your children to spend the day in remembrance, Quran recitation, and dua.

Pray extra rak'aahs of Duha prayer if you want throughout the mid-morning (from after sunrise till Dhuhur).

Donate to a charitable cause.

Tune your TVs/Computers towards the Live Coverage of Makkah and let the whole family feel that a great event is happening in the Ummah today (You can tune to LIVE HAJJ Coverage here: http://makkahlive.net/hajj2016.aspx) Talk about the stories of Hajj, the meaning of Hajj, and really reflect on it together.

Call family members and extended relatives. Ask for their duas and forgiveness.

Visit the sick in your family/community and ask about their health and make dua for them.

As you watch all the pilgrims on the LIVE streaming; remember the day of Judgement and how Allah SWT will question us on that day, try your best to be emotionally moved by the scenes of Hajj and let those emotions be a driver to make more sincere duas to Allah SWT for forgiveness & repentance.

Don’t forget to make dua for your brothers and sisters worldwide in the Ummah who are going through tough times.

Pray Dhuhur and Asr in Jama'ah, don't forget the sunnah prayers before and after Dhuhur, as well as the four rak'aah nafl before Asr. Go early to the masjid so you can make dua between athan and Iqama. If you can stay between prayers reciting Quran and making dua - that's even better.


Spend the last part of the day - feverishly making dua, making the most of these last few minutes, making dua with all that you have, either alone or as a family.

If you have time, contribute to a family/community Iftar and make the intention of getting the reward of feeding a fasting person.

Pray Maghreb in Jama'aa and after Maghreb - reflect on this day, on what you felt and thought, write down a journal entry for yourself to remember and reflect upon. Make a firm resolve to change at least one habit from your life towards the better inshaAllah.

That's all from me - I hope this was beneficial.

I pray that you have a blessed and spiritually productive day of Arafat and a blessed and happy Eid.

Please don't forget ProductiveMuslim.com and the team from your sincere duas.

JazakumAllah khair,

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