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Allahuakbar Alhamdulillah Subhanallah Astaghfirullah

Introduction to Law

Assalamualaikum wbt.


~ laws which are made or enacted by the legislative or other person authorised by law.

2 types of legislation:

🍁 primary legislation [undang² biasa such as enactment, ordinance, Acts]

🍁 subsidiary/delegated legislation[notification,rules,regulation]

Do you know what is legislative body?
Parliament and State Legislative Assembly (SLA)

Primary Legislative.
🎈legislative body (P&SLA)
P -Acts
SLA- enactment, ordinance(sarawak only)


🌸 principle acts
~ akta paling biasa
Eg: Akta Buruh, Akta kanak²

🌸amendment acts
~ akta utk meminda
~ to amend the provision/subtance of law
Eg: Penal Code(amendement act)

🌸revised Act
~ no substantial changes
~only technicalities
Eg: typo in Acts.

🌸consolidated Act
~ to combine or join together two or more Acts.
Eg : Interpretation Act 1948
        Interpretation Act 1967
= Intrepretation Act(consolidated & revise)1989

~ Laws which are made through power delegated by the legislation to a body or a person via enabling Act or Parent Act & statute.

In simple words, the legislative body transfer/give power to other person.

Eg: Logo Halal
The legislative body give the power to JAKIM to determine on how the logo halal shud be look like such as the size, the colour etc.


🍃 the legislative is not always in session.
🍃 some laws are technical so, best to made by expert.
🍃 the legislative process is cumbersome, difficult.
🍃 the legislative hv insufficient time to enact all laws.

Thank you.

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