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Allahuakbar Alhamdulillah Subhanallah Astaghfirullah

Maqasid Syariah BISNESS

by Br. Azmi 

Managers bring their own set of values sometimes knowingly and unknowingly.

Modern(Western) mngmnt principles and practices seek to fulfill human needs being true to western rooted philosophy which put man as a measure of all things (man-centred).

The worldview of Islam - hereafter aspect is so important that everything is foused to it without implying any neglect on the worldly aspect.

Significant difference btwn the Muslims & Western Secular Humanistic worldview.

Some western models and theories of management:

Understanding worldview of Islam
1. The nature of God: Allah describes about Himself in the Qur'an.

2. Revelation/Qur'an : literal word of Allah, God Himself.

3. Islam view knowledge; internal and external senses
-faculties, reason, reports of scientific and religious

4. Islam as ad din; only religion that's gotten it's name from God.

5.Freedom/ إختيار :
-act not condition
-not choosing many alternatives
-but choosing btwn two alternatives; good or bad, truth or falsehood, etc.

6. Happiness :
-in islam, not only sth like emotions that has it's ups and downs from moment to moment that can also be found in animals.
-happiness is being truly submissive to God, follow His command, etc.

Psychology of Muslim manager
1. Akhlak
2. Admit errors and mistakes and make taubah
3. Patience - when goals is yet to materialize
4. Shukr - success
5. Reda with whatever's obtained
6. Khauf to do injustice.
7. Raja'
8. Ubudiyyah
9. Tawakkal

Management in Islam
1. Viewed not segmented but comprehensively
2. Mngmt as an act of worship
3. Mngmt as amal soleh
4. Mngmt as amanah

Al-Ghazali: syariah was revealed to give maslahah for mankind.

-Maslahah divided by scholars:

1. Dharuriyyat: the essentials
▶ptotection of religion
▶protection of life
▶protection of intellect
▶protection of procreation
▶protection of property

2. Hajiyyat: the complementary
3. Tahseeniyat: the embellishments

-Important of spirituality
-to know and acknowledge the purpose of living

▶Life: the very existence of civil society

▶Intellect : essential for the existence of human race, must have proper functioning of reason

▶Procreation : knowing the proper lineage where genetics and science of biology hv proven the need

▶Property : for human economics development and existence

Application of MS, case study, terms to understanding worldview of Islam.

*non-muslims who seek no material gain in their work? -oprah winfrey, angelina jolie, etc. , so why need religion at the end of the day? -religion is opium-

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